I Saw You

I saw you walking
On the inside of the edge
Mourning each step while letting go
What do you know that I don’t know?

I saw you stalking
The moon last night
Peering through glass like Galileo
Do you see Heaven in the misty glow?

I heard you praying
Without words, psalms or beads
Folding blue into purple into indigo
Surrendering beneath the weeping willow

I saw you smiling
As you came up for air
Planting your feet in the rolling meadow
Unfolding like the Rose of Jericho


When Nature Dreams

When nature dreams the mountains rise
And crumble in one day
The Blue Bird sings a symphony
In Swedish and francais

Flowers bloom and fade and bloom
And fade for hours and hours –
The unremitting play of life
Staged in brief encounters

Oceans spill their treasures ashore –
Golden trident and glistening mermaids
Poseidon, with one scoop, retrieves
His priceless runaways

Dreams are fancy, dreams are truth
Dreams purge and dreams expire
Yet what nature entertains
Will set the world afire

In Domino Confido

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses”
Some seek to join the parade of immortals
Some parade wisdom through endless discourses
In Domino Confido

How do the angels guard and befriend?
A penny, a sign, from on high they descend?
The image of you in my sleep as I dreamt?
Deus amor est

God speaks to us in a gentle whisper
So heard Elijah after the wind and the fire
Respond in kind to this holy elixir
Amor vincit omnia

One Word

I know so many words
Some take years to learn
Though quintessential – as the air –
We breath without concern

Serendipity is a favorite
No one can deny
Good fortune, be it yea or nay
New horizons multiply

Sonder strips the ego bare
And grounds us to the core
Would all then take their blinders off
And practice no more war

One more is luminescence
A light no wind dispels
The soul consumes its own supply
Or – a simple firefly

I know one word with powers great
That mountains rumble and reply
Open wide the pearl-studded gates
Open wide the needle’s eye


Wrap me up in the past
Then spin me free of time and space
Inspiration invades my senses
Rising from the commonplace

While I wait for random praise
And cast my pearls upon the floor
Oceans beckon, landscapes listen
Silence is a higher chore

Silence dictates in absentia
Sovereign, Empress, Matron, Queen
Follow her through lowly places
Lucky those her favors glean

I Love You More

When in my arms you reach beyond me
Then sing your song like a troubadour
That doesn’t mean I love you less
I love you more

When in your youth you fight and falter
And scorn my voice, my words, my offer
That doesn’t mean I love you less
I love you more

When seeking truth births pain, not bliss
And my presence you all but ignore
That doesn’t mean I love you less
I love you more

When I am free, my exile over
And leave this world for one obscure
That doesn’t mean I love you less
I love you more

When in your memory I cease to enter
And the waves wash my name from the shore
That doesn’t mean my hour has ended
My love endures


I wish that you had lived
To see how your words swell
And fill the hearts of dreamers far
And soothe the ear with rhyming knell

You place your words upon a page
Like a minuet flits across the stage

Is life too fine to touch?
Dreams too fine to dream?
Let loose the soul of all your words
Then hide away to the extreme

You place your words just out of reach
Like dreams dispel at break of sleep

A verse can charm the heavy heart
Like words proposed and soon forgotten
Tell a truth then fling it far
Beyond the rings of Saturn