A Minor Life

To those who live a minor life
Appraising all interior spaces
Hiding out below the radar
Seeking all the lowly graces

Humility, a badge of honor
Hide it in your dresser drawer
Tailor habits plain and gracious
Layer life in robes of sameness


Be Still And Know

What is there in stillness
That I venture on tiptoe
What knowledge what forte
My resolve crumbles straight away

How to be still and know
Distractions crowd the brain
Diversions reign randomly
Like dignitaries at high tea

I strove and wrestled needlessly
Hard work brought no reward
Like joy this grace has one expectation
To be received and never taken

I Asked

I asked and waited with bated breath
I sought and naught revealed
I knocked and fell into the open sea
Here I am, send me!

Now I roam the valley deep
And sample the morning mist
All that is and nothing else rises
From a silence profound and priceless

Silence speaks in amber resin
Transparent, golden, eternal pause
In her presence sing a new song
Rivaling the purple dawn


Yes, I have a story
Don’t tell me how to tell it
Or maybe I should hide it
In plain sight for all to see

My sparrow guide cries out
“To be or not to be”
I’d rather crawl into a cave
Than lose my sanity

There’s madness in the search for beauty
Truth glides along side
I’m certain, Are you certain, Yes, certain
The sunset straight replied
Then lowered her arms beneath the contour
Around which the mist will rise
Come morning through my bedroom window
I dare you – Improvise!

I Saw You

I saw you walking
On the inside of the edge
Mourning each step while letting go
What do you know that I don’t know?

I saw you stalking
The moon last night
Peering through glass like Galileo
Do you see Heaven in the misty glow?

I heard you praying
Without words, psalms or beads
Folding blue into purple into indigo
Surrendering beneath the weeping willow

I saw you smiling
As you came up for air
Planting your feet in the rolling meadow
Unfolding like the Rose of Jericho

When Nature Dreams

When nature dreams the mountains rise
And crumble in one day
The Blue Bird sings a symphony
In Swedish and francais

Flowers bloom and fade and bloom
And fade for hours and hours –
The unremitting play of life
Staged in brief encounters

Oceans spill their treasures ashore –
Golden trident and glistening mermaids
Poseidon, with one scoop, retrieves
His priceless runaways

Dreams are fancy, dreams are truth
Dreams purge and dreams expire
Yet what nature entertains
Will set the world afire

In Domino Confido

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses”
Some seek to join the parade of immortals
Some parade wisdom through endless discourses
In Domino Confido

How do the angels guard and befriend?
A penny, a sign, from on high they descend?
The image of you in my sleep as I dreamt?
Deus amor est

God speaks to us in a gentle whisper
So heard Elijah after the wind and the fire
Respond in kind to this holy elixir
Amor vincit omnia