I Wrote A letter

I wrote a letter to my heart
I asked her for a sign
Were you the one I’m waiting for?
She wrote back – are you blind?
The stars aligned the day we met
Two sparrows circled round
Our ancestors cast their lots
And bid us wear the crown
Of joyfulness and sadness
That flows from consecrated love
Like blue upon a canvass



If I am honest to a T
And dot my i’s in ink
Can I exchange said truth for beauty
A flower for a candlestick
To commemorate the holy hour
I placed my heart upon my sleeve
And offered you my superpower –
A comrade to believe

Gira Sole

Turn to the sun, magnificent flower
Show us all the way
There is no shame in primal power
There is no shame in grand display

Docile habits draw us inward
Yellow is thy flame
In my ear you dared to whisper
Summer is your name

Howling wind nor sudden downpour
Dissuade you from your steadfast mission
Stand in thrall – divest – adore
Impetuous devotion


“When At Last Our Exile Here Is Ended”

I will see Your Face iridescent and splendid
And joy before now unfelt unheard
Stirs the ashes and dust of souls long interred

When at last the spell of time is broken
And seamless we are and never were nor will be
Rejoice – the perpetual Jubilee

When at last the voice of Cassandra is heeded
And Hera laughs last who cried most
“And the greatest of these is Love,” She wrote

“When at last our exile here is ended”
And the river flows to the ends of the earth
We will travel across – on wings transplendent


Death By Virtue

They say I’m made of carbon
Among other earthy elements
I breathe, therefore I am, it seems
Fire and water seep through the sediment

The afterglow of embers deep
Fanned by Venus as she weeps
Signifies my soul’s release
Death by Virtue slow and sweet

We lie beneath the willow tree
Your beauty steals my breath away
The incense of your skin, your hair, your sleeve
The moment spins in disarray

The afterglow of embers deep
Fanned by Venus as she weeps
Signifies my soul’s release
Death by Virtue slow and sweet

There is no sense or solace in goodbye
My essence shudders, refuses to concede
Magma rises, spilling from my eyes
Trust nor hope nor love stand guaranteed

The afterglow of embers deep
Fanned by Venus as she weeps
Signifies my soul’s release
Death by Virtue slow and sweet


Saint Therese

Saint Therese opened a door
And stepped into a world
Where vanity is draped in black
And hours retreat unheard
Where humility is all the rage
And a soul too small to dodge
Aches to caress the Eucharist –
On forbidden ground she trods –
Braid her hair with edelweiss
A life marked twice by sacrifice


One Early Summer Eve

You alighted on my shoulder
One early summer eve
Butterfly of significance
Creature of motifs

Your court you held with open wings
Meeting my eye with ease
Butterfly of prerogative
Master of prestige

The moment lasted just long enough
Then you must be on your way
Butterfly of destiny
Ambassador of faraway

The lowly on the food chain
Journey a thousand miles
Butterfly of humility
Sister to the skies


Star Dust

I think that I am heart and soul
But I’m told I’m made of star dust
My essence formed of earthenware
The matter of ten billion years

Who compressed us in a little ball?
Then ignited with one breath –
All dreams, all futures – tiny dots
Dispatched with ne’er an afterthought

The same who promises to discard
The dark glass we view the world through
And the full extent of Majesty
Will descend on us like gravity



I dreamed about you last night
I dreamed you were alive
You walked into the room –  you said
Here – the rules do not apply

When sorrow bruises an open wound
And longing cuts deep and wide
Permission is hereby granted
To step across the great divide

Just who am I to thank?
He Who giveth and taketh away?
You smile gently – Do not resist
A humble soul gives sway

Jacob wrestled – and prevailed –
Dreams sustain the cosmic core
I open my eyes as morning breaks
All is as was before


Betta Bride

Something tells me I am more
A stirring in my soul
A quiet recognition
And my heart begins to roll

You ask me for a lifetime
Is it mine to give?
The scorn and straps of ages past
Held me down in the abyss

I climb despite the veil and harness
And touch the midnight dome
Glass is but a handy mirror
Reflecting the rising dawn

You are kind and generous
I will be your betta bride
But, my love, keep your distance
Watch me swim against the tide