I would have gone to your funeral
If I had known
But I took my time
And when I finally searched for you
Through the endless cyber sea
I found your name
And a candle
And this space for my regards
Now tapered and dull

You see, I cannot remember any specific words
Just conversations about God
Imbued with unspoiled curiosity and fervent desire
A boundless faith in our grasp
But now you know
You know first
You know at last

Someone once thought we could be sisters
Our natures were so in tune
It was a time when friendships grow fast
Ignited by youth
Beauty and truth held sway
Then I married
And quietly slipped away

What was it like as the cancer spread?
As cancer will spread
And you began to realize
Defeat, surrender, exaltation?
It makes no sense to me now
Seems so unjust
Me, who believes in neutrality
Life is neither fair nor unfair
All I ever learned
I’m sure you’ve heard
Serenity is in acceptance
To those never diagnosed and shortchanged

Now we are fortysomething
And so shall you ever be
What I want to know is
What happens to regret
When time runs out?
What happens to time
When your soul is set free?
If you can, Margaret,
Answer me


Through the Looking Glass

I hung a mirror on the wall in my bedroom
Almost imperceptibly everything changed
A new room emerged
Reflected through a disc of self discovery
Drawing attention to itself
A world beyond
A dare –
Slip through
To the other side
Theology in praxis
Is dangerously inviting
Complacent bed and bureau, closet and lamp
Watch silently
The impromptu shift
Of a new perspective