For you, love defied all boundaries
All encapsulation
All definition
The mountain was worth the climb
The diamond worth the digging
The three little words
Let’s get them out of the way
Then we are free to pronounce them
In every breath
In every text
Such freedom of expression
Filled you with glee
As for me
Enrapture is a better word
Enveloped and contented
To run my fingers slowly around the glossy orb
That encircled me
Nestled in a brilliant warmth
That only required your presence


Then your baby mama disappeared
Leaving you with the heft of full-time fatherhood

Enough said
You know where this is going

Love does not defy definition
My self-imposed internment

Some are hijacked
By the whim of their unfettered sentiments

In so doing
You drew a boundary
Clearly, unequivocally


One Talent

I’m using my talent, see
I’m writing these words on this paper
(Please don’t scold me more)
Sorry I’ve kept it buried so long
But my husband drank
And the bills expanded exponentially
Clutter needed tending
Laundry sorting, dishes scraping
And the babies cried
Before they learned to talk

Lack of initiative?
No, not really
My greatest fear
(If an excuse may be offered up)
My greatest fear
(Yes, don’t laugh
Or shake your head)
Was fear itself

Should I dig deep and
Retrieve the talent from the safety
Of depth and silence
Brush, polish, proceed
And only an echo resounds
An inkling of what was hoped for and believed
What’s one talent?
Can it multiply?
Charge forth in prose so
Intricately weaved
Enigmatically conceived
Innately resplendent
Brave Philosophy
Gentle musings
Hushed semantics
As time tick tocks toward immortality…


Better to bury the talent
Get on with the day


On second thought…

Responsibility (or guilt)
Leads me to this spot
(I always was a people pleaser)
Abandoning forethought
My pen scrawls over this paper
Let the digging begin