If I Take You Back Again

If I take you back again I’d be
A child
Who counts 1, 2, 3.

If I take you back again I’d feel
Having sealed the deal.

If I take you back again I’d spy
For clues
In every corner of your eyes.

I’d own your smile for awhile.
The most delicious kisses, forever potent,
Would cost me my last token.

Love is a long haul.
For you
An order too tall.

If I take you back again I’d be
The definition of insanity.


I Love You Are Three Words

I love you are three words that taste
Like bubble gum when said in haste
Compare me to a traveling show
Pedaling cures for all that ails
Masking the truth in a million details

Parade me out for all to see
Time the promises to a tee
I left my yardstick when you called
And fell too hard, too long, too deep
Assail me not if I sold myself cheap

Who can discern the heart’s recess
Just walk one mile, more or less
Slip on my sandals, warm and worn
Remember selflessness is never passé
Fling sweet sentiments along the way

Daughters of Eve

Flesh of your flesh
She is your savior
Boldly scripted from the beginning
Who dares reassemble the letters?
Behold how the Hebrew is bristling

If you are drowning
She is your lifeguard
The Spirit of God imparted, inhaled
Tear down the placard of ‘helpmate’
With one word the coffin was nailed

Waiting her turn
Nursing and baking
Each womb births a new Athena
The secret will keep one more day
Salve Regina

I Am Your Past

I am your past come face to face
Be forewarned and sit astride
All you thought you could erase
Sloshes back in with the tide

I am asking for this dance
Time’s a nut you cannot crack
Specters appear as if by chance
What’s forgotten is what you lack

I have come in with you to dine
Like sacraments, I fill each space
With a sweet or bitter wine