Women of the Page

To think, to dream, to narrate
To scrawl with true devotion
To peek beyond the plane
Then emancipate the notion

Women of the page
Entreat no saintly muse
Like the phoenix or the bird of prey
Our inner fire lights the way


My Bad

You trespass in my head
My bad, I let you in
A skip and a jump to my heart
The reason I never win

The littlest violin plays my tune
Pulls me in every time
I’d rather sink than swim a mile
Wanting you ain’t such a crime

You left a piece of you in me
Such a heartless game of guile
It wanders randomly between soul and marrow
Think I’ll wait here for awhile

Does It Matter

Does it matter when you die
At eighteen, a life untried
Waiting for a miracle
A last divine hold on and pull

Let go
The three sisters won’t be bribed
They are deaf as well as blind
Every life to them is a life ill timed

Be at peace, you are the image of God
The resemblance can never fade
Nor memory be erased
Alike blameless and betrayed

What will it be like
When the moment arrives
Count backwards from ten
A silent terrifying requiem

She is

She is the one who bakes the bread
Pours the wine
Cleans the wound
Essential as fresh water
One day she will
Stand at the altar

She is the first miracle
The bearer of Good News
The source of every parable
She chooses to stand aside
Not for lack of sheer mobility
But in perfect, austere humility

She chooses when she will appear
To whom
And what she will relay
She opens the window
When she is so inclined
Acquitting each soul gone astray

While I Am discloses in flames
She is what her title proclaims
Not the follower, but the guide
Second to none
The Mother of God

This Rhyme

I wish my life were like this rhyme
Contrived and eloquent
My heart would soar to heights sublime
And never feel desolate

Timed and rehearsed, we’d parley in verse
I love you and you love me
I would have you back in my arms again
Before the cadence hit stanza three

A thought once uttered floats adrift
The gesture is what you confess
We measure actions, silent and swift
Words are hollow and meaningless