Let Me Tell You

Let me tell you what I think
It’s better not to tell
Zip those lips – talk to the hand
Resist the urge to yell

An esoteric smile
Dumbfounds the centuries
Color me remarkable
A constant among the vagaries

Mingle with the groundlings
Good News should not be heard
Walk instead of preach
When necessary use words



Karma does not distinguish
Chance must step aside
Go ahead and spread that anguish
All you dread will soon collide

Give away your only dollar
Consider the Samaritan
Choose charity over power
Even history will chime in

Karma levels the playing field
Rejoice or rue the day
She will always have her say


Eleanor Roosevelt
Taking her time to decide where she will stand
Audacious and gracious
Declaring freedom and dignity to each in every land

Yea, though she walks through the valley
Of loneliness and heartache
Substitute vision and compassion
Stand tall and watch the glass ceiling break

Herald a new feminine transformation
In one life – equity exemplified
When five loaves and two fish feed the thousands
Then will she be satisfied


Cool water, deep water, sweet water
Refuge from all troubles water
Clear water, calm water
Mirror of Narcissus water

From the river’s edge she saunters
Then rushes back to gape again
One pebble creates mad disorder
Ten pebbles and she’s declared insane

Murky green salt water
Past the foam and waves she wanders
Heeding the call of the bogus Sirens
Toward the distant, elusive horizon

(Alternate ending – Feel free to comment which one you like better.):

Murky green salt water
Past the foam and waves she wanders
Heeding the call of the bogus Sirens
To slay the mighty and merciless Poseidon

Pauper Goddess

I ran the race
Was true and fair
Detractors gathered round
No unkind word nor selfish err
In wake of mine was found

Self-deprecation closed the gap
We galloped side by side
I sought and found my steadfast solace
In soup kitchens and shanty towns
Where lives the pauper goddess

Her white sari
And downward glance
Belied her fervent passion
To imitate and finish last
And seal love through devotion

Blue Bird

The blue bird sings a silent song
To hear her some do leap and dance
While others throw their coins away
On games of luck and whims of chance

Some hear the song a summer night
When crickets trill and lovers sigh
But those are only future echoes
Of grief unbound and dreams awry

The song is tranquil, brazen, noble
At times a note off key
Scoops plunder from a buried treasure
Then begins the Jubilee –

I keep my blue bird on a shelf
To hear the strains, richly lyrical
For when they chance to flow and resound
From every daily ritual


You heard I am a dreamer –
A defense of gossamer
Surrounds my fortress balcony
For within bides Calvary

I dream in simple graphite
A convenient camouflage
Beneath – the callous, the contrite and the Savior unite
An extraordinary collage

The impossible yields to the possible
Rise up the meek and feeble
The beggar is the dignitary
Even death – reigns temporary


There is a ghost in this house and she knows my name
She spoons sugar into my tea when I look away
I think to her it’s all a game

She opens books to pages I’ve never read
Hides my cross stitch and knitting needles
Turns on the attic light after I go to bed

I find my sandals out on the porch
The garden gate flung open
A trail of poppies on my way to church

I’ve seen her fingerprints on all my mirrors
Her silhouette flicker among the evening shadows
Sometimes her brilliance shimmers

She walks through every doorway first, bidding me to follow
She understands my quiet soul
I tell her, maybe tomorrow

Loneliness Is An Indiscretion

I tuck the hours away in a drawer
And watch the minutes pass in dwindling procession
To those with ribbons, parades and bling galore
Loneliness is an indiscretion

A mantra for the tender-footed
“To be or not” – crack open the door
Solitude swells as hindsight enters
Measuring the day in shadows across the floor

I should have embraced each and every attachment
Typed in yea instead of nay then perhaps –
The question boomerangs without an answer
How to reconcile a life elapsed?