A steady stream of force and motion
Surges past my wooden pew
Discharging what some call devotion
Time reels – then follows through

Devotion anchors faith and heeds
Not one can float adrift
Bury deep the tiny mustard seed
Your deeds, your song, your soul He sifts

May the oil in your lamp swell
Have you heard?


I Thought I Saw Jim Croce

I thought I saw Jim Croce
Drive past me in a car
My double take and curious wonder
At the return of this fateful star

His path crossed mine –
He disappeared from sight
I contemplated the sadness and nuance
Of brilliant dreams extinguished in the limelight

Time and again I am reminded
Chided, cast down, disappointed –
Searching each box for the secret
Relegated only to the select and anointed

Eternity like memory is a message
Thrown out to sea in a bottle
Retrieved and released on the lips
Of time’s most renowned unfinished apostle