Fool’s Gold

She is the sun, she is the moon
She is the pawn, Pandora
The stars reflect her radiance
She directs the rain and thunder

Redemption courses through her blood
The crow is her protector
The blackbird and the raven
Spiral round her golden scepter

Who would be her lover?
She cradles her tattered heart in the night
All, yet none, will call her mother
Her sorrow is her heart’s delight

Her true love did relinquish her –
A gesture to her eternal maidenhood
Though she is strong and tall and bold
There she remains – his fool’s gold



I am a rebel, Sir
With cause enough to fight
My gender is at war
Oppression whets the appetite

With our strength in numbers
And long suffering endured
Our battle hymn unveils –
Inequity wholesale

From the catacombs in Rome
History will rise or implode
Priscilla and Theodora
Will again stand at the altar