Letting Go

The saddest thought I ever had
Is buried deep inside
Below the silent sands of grief
A million oceans wide

I thought that in the days to come
A tidal wave full force
Would set you down right at my feet
A miracle of sorts

Horizons are a distant gamble
Mirages abound
Truth is my confessor
Brutal and profound

Sadness I can swallow
Self-pity entertain
But letting go the dream of you
Will drive me pure insane


The Riddle

The answer to the riddle is
Close your eyes and dream
Regard the demon, do not blink
Never walk the balance beam

Choose your side and run with it
Look back once or twice
An unexamined life they say
Isn’t worth the asking price

The answer to the riddle is
Seek and you shall find
Blessed be the beggar
Blessed be the blind