I’m a high school English and special education teacher from New Jersey. I’ve been writing fiction for many years. This is my first go at poetry. I draw my inspiration from my faith, my three sons, my students, and my past and present experiences.


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  1. Hi, I came here, from your lovely post on the Kindness Blog, partly to say I enjoyed it and partly to ask about your blog moniker, everythingindigo. I’ve been part of a discussion that has been discussing Indigo Children which I knew nothing abut until this last week and the coincidence of a high school teacher using Indigo in their title seemed to, what, serendipitous? Is that a link or am I reading in too much? The others discussing this were a book reviewer from Yorkshire, a Mom of two boys for Boston and a now retired first grade teacher from Brisbane, so a world wide team! If you are interested this is the post that started it off – http://annegoodwin.weebly.com/annecdotal/-how-much-disturbance-can-you-tolerate-in-a-novel-indigo-by-clemens-j-satz – and you’ll find the other bloggers addresses in the comments section.

    • Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I’m still learning how all this blogging works and just saw I needed to approve your comment. I’ve never heard of Indigo Children until your comment. My moniker is taken from my favorite musicians, The Indigo Girls. I do appreciate that you read and liked my post. Mary

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