If I Take You Back Again

If I take you back again I’d be
A child
Who counts 1, 2, 3.

If I take you back again I’d feel
Having sealed the deal.

If I take you back again I’d spy
For clues
In every corner of your eyes.

I’d own your smile for awhile.
The most delicious kisses, forever potent,
Would cost me my last token.

Love is a long haul.
For you
An order too tall.

If I take you back again I’d be
The definition of insanity.


Sensory Impaired

I lived my life gagged and bound
Fearful of every sound
Clangs by far were the worse to bear
Screeches a close second
The world is loud, brash and howls
Was all that I could reckon

Boundaries escaped me
Your will preceded mine
The squeaky wheel forever greased
Became my peace of mind

Recalcitrance exacts a toll
No less was asked or given
My faculty the price I paid
Now I twirl to an inward static
Insanity homemade