I walk around with my head bent down
Viewing chance as a holiday
Have you heard how I made my rounds
Avoiding cracks till I lost my way

I enter church and I bow my head
Caritas till your sleeve bleeds red
Jonah screamed leave me be I’d rather die
Your new age love is a goddamn lie

He sat below a withered vine
Sulked and scorned, arrogance besieged
Kill me now but I won’t concede
Your hippie love is at best misconceived

I walk around with my head bent down
Humility rests upon the ground
I lose myself in the muck and mire
As such a life bought and bound requires


She Knelt Before the Crucifix

She knelt before the crucifix
And all the world knelt too
Follow my example
Take heed I first loved you

The beads fell from her hands
Silence collapsed her ears
A thousand souls rushed in and jeered
Taunting her to tears

Why did you not expect
A cleansing to the bone
Press your face against the ground
Welcome your new home