The Good Samaritan

The song is simple and it rhymes
Two verses and you’re done
God and Neighbor, balance these
Black or white, blue or bright crimson

There is one caveat
A stumbling so they say
Your neighbor is your enemy
Ponder that on Judgement Day

The innkeeper will tell you
To his amazement and disbelief
The narrow path to eternal life –
Wear your heart upon your sleeve



You heard I am a dreamer –
A defense of gossamer
Surrounds my fortress balcony
For within bides Calvary

I dream in simple graphite
A convenient camouflage
Beneath – the callous, the contrite and the Savior unite
An extraordinary collage

The impossible yields to the possible
Rise up the meek and feeble
The beggar is the dignitary
Even death – reigns temporary