She Runs

How long will she run
Go – gushes through her veins
Not for fear or profit or circumstance
Save to establish her domain

She runs to purify the perfect
Of all its trivial acquisitions
To shame the pang of dissatisfaction
And banish expectation

How far will she run
Longevity is a gift
A gracious life nails the center in place
And never will she drift

She runs without a number
Without apology or plume
Speed – a liability
Sweat – the sweetest perfume



She is yar
Without a mast
Without a sail
No one can surpass her

Accouterments are out of style
Attire is a statement
The vestment of a thousand years
Shrouds the seeds of discontentment

The tunic is essential
Yet strangles and confines
The veil I have no need for
A vestige of patriarchal times

Servility is habit forming
Simplicity – the paradigm
How much is lost, how much is won
When I uncover and learn to climb

Fool’s Gold

She is the sun, she is the moon
She is the pawn, Pandora
The stars reflect her radiance
She directs the rain and thunder

Redemption courses through her blood
The crow is her protector
The blackbird and the raven
Spiral round her golden scepter

Who would be her lover?
She cradles her tattered heart in the night
All, yet none, will call her mother
Her sorrow is her heart’s delight

Her true love did relinquish her –
A gesture to her eternal maidenhood
Though she is strong and tall and bold
There she remains – his fool’s gold


Eleanor Roosevelt
Taking her time to decide where she will stand
Audacious and gracious
Declaring freedom and dignity to each in every land

Yea, though she walks through the valley
Of loneliness and heartache
Substitute vision and compassion
Stand tall and watch the glass ceiling break

Herald a new feminine transformation
In one life – equity exemplified
When five loaves and two fish feed the thousands
Then will she be satisfied

Daughters of Eve

Flesh of your flesh
She is your savior
Boldly scripted from the beginning
Who dares reassemble the letters?
Behold how the Hebrew is bristling

If you are drowning
She is your lifeguard
The Spirit of God imparted, inhaled
Tear down the placard of ‘helpmate’
With one word the coffin was nailed

Waiting her turn
Nursing and baking
Each womb births a new Athena
The secret will keep one more day
Salve Regina

Queen of Domesticity

She was queen of pitter patter
Queen of hugs and all that matters
Of grocery carts and dying eggs
Of picture frames and hide-n-seek games

Queen of tummy aches and tired laughter
Pushing swings and running after
Of stretch marks and elasticity
She was queen of domesticity

She labored two jobs to fill the coffers
She was queen of loose change and too few dollars
Of torn window screens and leaky faucets
Surreptitiously the subject of neighborhood gossip

Queen of running late and early hours
Sleepless nights and imaginary powers
To retrieve wayward dreams from beyond
With a simple wave of her magic wand

She dreamed of high heels and short black dresses
Yet returned each day to ungodly messes
For she was queen of unsung songs
Queen of all that could go wrong

Once she dreamed of white gowns and throwing rice
Yet being alone so long she never learned to play nice
So she politely declined his offer of a ring
For what it’s worth she dreamed of being king

Apples and Oranges

Beer the color of honey
Mead the intoxication of the gods
Heroic verse rises with each goblet
Fallen brothers lauded against the odds
Alas glory and vanity the singer bereaves
It matters naught what you believe

Zeus and Jupiter toss a coin
Both lose
Predestined by the stars of course
Apples and oranges rain down from above
Hera laughs
She wrote the book of love

Listen to your mama
Behind the habit and veil
Centuries of patience
Simmer and stare
Let’s set the date and the meeting place
Who said anything about fate

What’s foul is not fair
Scent of a woman
Stirs in the air