I carefully adhere to rules
Predict me like the evening tides
Call me faithful
Call me rude
Never look me in the eyes

I check the lights
I check the stove
Locking every doorknob twice
My sanity rests upon
Remembering the words to every song

I see you clearly through my kaleidoscope
Each color is a key
There’s order in disorder
Symmetry in the smallest speck
A treasure in a quarter

Turn the lens on me
Be amazed and downright humbled
Toss your hat into the ring
Life’s a strange and wonderful gamble


Sensory Impaired

I lived my life gagged and bound
Fearful of every sound
Clangs by far were the worse to bear
Screeches a close second
The world is loud, brash and howls
Was all that I could reckon

Boundaries escaped me
Your will preceded mine
The squeaky wheel forever greased
Became my peace of mind

Recalcitrance exacts a toll
No less was asked or given
My faculty the price I paid
Now I twirl to an inward static
Insanity homemade