Loneliness Is An Indiscretion

I tuck the hours away in a drawer
And watch the minutes pass in dwindling procession
To those with ribbons, parades and bling galore
Loneliness is an indiscretion

A mantra for the tender-footed
“To be or not” – crack open the door
Solitude swells as hindsight enters
Measuring the day in shadows across the floor

I should have embraced each and every attachment
Typed in yea instead of nay then perhaps –
The question boomerangs without an answer
How to reconcile a life elapsed?


Mirror Mirror

In the mirror of my mind I’m still the same
The contours of my face betray the changes
This older woman staring back at me
Is to blame

She hid in shadows numbly waiting
As the sun set on the summers of her life
Time commands an uncompromising price
Demanding payment not once, but thrice

First youth and affections, authentic and green
Then regret-entangled in between