The Time It Takes

The time it takes to find oneself
A lifetime, more or less
Beyond the windswept landscape
Assemble the base and dispossessed

I would have arrived much earlier
But for my carelessness
I never heard the bell that tolls
Such was my negligence

Socrates conjectured
Who knew not what he knew
Venture from your self-possession
Kumbaya my Lord, tried and true


Pauper Goddess

I ran the race
Was true and fair
Detractors gathered round
No unkind word nor selfish err
In wake of mine was found

Self-deprecation closed the gap
We galloped side by side
I sought and found my steadfast solace
In soup kitchens and shanty towns
Where lives the pauper goddess

Her white sari
And downward glance
Belied her fervent passion
To imitate and finish last
And seal love through devotion