A Minor Life

To those who live a minor life
Appraising all interior spaces
Hiding out below the radar
Seeking all the lowly graces

Humility, a badge of honor
Hide it in your dresser drawer
Tailor habits plain and gracious
Layer life in robes of sameness


Star Dust

I think that I am heart and soul
But I’m told I’m made of star dust
My essence formed of earthenware
The matter of ten billion years

Who compressed us in a little ball?
Then ignited with one breath –
All dreams, all futures – tiny dots
Dispatched with ne’er an afterthought

The same who promises to discard
The dark glass we view the world through
And the full extent of Majesty
Will descend on us like gravity


The road to Paradiso
Runs through a field of stubble
Strewn amid discarded millstones
Are lost pieces to every puzzle

The gates of Paradiso
Open with a single knock
Wade through on rising waters
You only have to walk the walk

The chasm deep inside you
Is your calling card
Reach down and stir the emptiness
Submission is its own reward

The table in Paradiso
Is prepared in all splendor
Drink from the cup of vinegar
And feel your spirit soar

I Prayed For Healing

I prayed for healing
Closed my eyes
And faced the rising East
A voice within, without, above
Promised no release

I prayed for safety
Free me from
The hate which loads the gun
Good luck with that, I heard quite clear
It’s better if you run

What lies I’ve read my whole life through
Too numerous to count
My little words like grains of sand
Offered up in tears
Fell silently, one by one, from such careless hands

Stop squawking, child, all the noise
You raise has no true merit
Please read between the lines
Suffering and boundless grace
Is all you will inherit


I walk around with my head bent down
Viewing chance as a holiday
Have you heard how I made my rounds
Avoiding cracks till I lost my way

I enter church and I bow my head
Caritas till your sleeve bleeds red
Jonah screamed leave me be I’d rather die
Your new age love is a goddamn lie

He sat below a withered vine
Sulked and scorned, arrogance besieged
Kill me now but I won’t concede
Your hippie love is at best misconceived

I walk around with my head bent down
Humility rests upon the ground
I lose myself in the muck and mire
As such a life bought and bound requires