Perfect Joy

The red tulip, she knows
The measure of life
The sadness, the sweetness
The silence at night

The constant moon, she knows
The timing of change
What was lost forever
Was never preordained

The sparrow, she knows
At the end of the day
To find perfect joy
Is no more than child’s play


Truth and Beauty

I was promised truth and beauty
Then I spoke the words
That, in my heart, leapt and shimmered
Yet never was I heard

They pushed me into a tunnel and said
Find and follow your heart
Darkness like an oil slick spread
No depth, no breadth, no chart

Step after step, the walls they glimmered
As my beauty passed on by
Within my corporeal form –
A luminous liquid glowed –
From which no truth could hide

In The Meadow

The Lord gave me one talent
Which I buried in the sand
Between the dunes and ocean deep
Or was it a rolling grassland?

My life unwound each step I took
Till I stood mute and still
Then scanned the landscape near and far
And spied a lone daffodil

Dare I pluck the flower free
From stem and root and earth?
Instead I sat beside this epiphany
And all my thoughts flew north

Now I sit and quiet reigns
No words no cries no echo
A thousand years feels like the day
I surrendered to silence in the meadow


Blackbird in a green field
You are not afraid
The worst that can happen is not the worst
Only mayhem is man made

Blackbird with a silver eye
There are fires and floods and lies
Somewhere, below the stars,
There is room for compromise

Blackbird in a field of green
O, stretch your wings, your one true talent
Fly across that finish line
Hungry, bruised and gallant

Black as night and green as life
To dream is the sacrificial rite


The first star of a billion years
Shines over the face of the deep
Watching through his prison window
Galileo – cries himself to sleep

He does not know that he is star dust
Such matter eludes his telescope
The impulse of all force and motion
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Devotion anchors faith and heeds
All Knowledge is Truth and Holy
Galileo kneels and concedes
God redeems the meek and lowly

Be Still And Know

What is there in stillness
That I venture on tiptoe
What knowledge what forte
My resolve crumbles straight away

How to be still and know
Distractions crowd the brain
Diversions reign randomly
Like dignitaries at high tea

I strove and wrestled needlessly
Hard work brought no reward
Like joy this grace has one expectation
To be received and never taken

I Asked

I asked and waited with bated breath
I sought and naught revealed
I knocked and fell into the open sea
Here I am, send me!

Now I roam the valley deep
And sample the morning mist
All that is and nothing else rises
From a silence profound and priceless

Silence speaks in amber resin
Transparent, golden, eternal pause
In her presence sing a new song
Rivaling the purple dawn