Star Dust

I think that I am heart and soul
But I’m told I’m made of star dust
My essence formed of earthenware
The matter of ten billion years

Who compressed us in a little ball?
Then ignited with one breath –
All dreams, all futures – tiny dots
Dispatched with ne’er an afterthought

The same who promises to discard
The dark glass we view the world through
And the full extent of Majesty
Will descend on us like gravity


Daughters of Eve

Flesh of your flesh
She is your savior
Boldly scripted from the beginning
Who dares reassemble the letters?
Behold how the Hebrew is bristling

If you are drowning
She is your lifeguard
The Spirit of God imparted, inhaled
Tear down the placard of ‘helpmate’
With one word the coffin was nailed

Waiting her turn
Nursing and baking
Each womb births a new Athena
The secret will keep one more day
Salve Regina