Gira Sole

Turn to the sun, magnificent flower
Show us all the way
There is no shame in primal power
There is no shame in grand display

Docile habits draw us inward
Yellow is thy flame
In my ear you dared to whisper
Summer is your name

Howling wind nor sudden downpour
Dissuade you from your steadfast mission
Stand in thrall – divest – adore
Impetuous devotion



Immaculata, full of grace
Obedience is a softer shade
Courage is the reason why
Never let them see you cry

If you follow her down darker streets
From nightmares you will shrink and shudder
And meet bitter heartache before now unheard
Devotion is a loaded word

Immaculate woman, save the day
Mercy is your sword
Pierce the core of every heart
Gather all exiles along the way


A steady stream of force and motion
Surges past my wooden pew
Discharging what some call devotion
Time reels – then follows through

Devotion anchors faith and heeds
Not one can float adrift
Bury deep the tiny mustard seed
Your deeds, your song, your soul He sifts

May the oil in your lamp swell
Have you heard?