I dreamed about you last night
I dreamed you were alive
You walked into the room –  you said
Here – the rules do not apply

When sorrow bruises an open wound
And longing cuts deep and wide
Permission is hereby granted
To step across the great divide

Just who am I to thank?
He Who giveth and taketh away?
You smile gently – Do not resist
A humble soul gives sway

Jacob wrestled – and prevailed –
Dreams sustain the cosmic core
I open my eyes as morning breaks
All is as was before


Letting Go

The saddest thought I ever had
Is buried deep inside
Below the silent sands of grief
A million oceans wide

I thought that in the days to come
A tidal wave full force
Would set you down right at my feet
A miracle of sorts

Horizons are a distant gamble
Mirages abound
Truth is my confessor
Brutal and profound

Sadness I can swallow
Self-pity entertain
But letting go the dream of you
Will drive me pure insane

I Thought I Saw Jim Croce

I thought I saw Jim Croce
Drive past me in a car
My double take and curious wonder
At the return of this fateful star

His path crossed mine –
He disappeared from sight
I contemplated the sadness and nuance
Of brilliant dreams extinguished in the limelight

Time and again I am reminded
Chided, cast down, disappointed –
Searching each box for the secret
Relegated only to the select and anointed

Eternity like memory is a message
Thrown out to sea in a bottle
Retrieved and released on the lips
Of time’s most renowned unfinished apostle

Queen of Domesticity

She was queen of pitter patter
Queen of hugs and all that matters
Of grocery carts and dying eggs
Of picture frames and hide-n-seek games

Queen of tummy aches and tired laughter
Pushing swings and running after
Of stretch marks and elasticity
She was queen of domesticity

She labored two jobs to fill the coffers
She was queen of loose change and too few dollars
Of torn window screens and leaky faucets
Surreptitiously the subject of neighborhood gossip

Queen of running late and early hours
Sleepless nights and imaginary powers
To retrieve wayward dreams from beyond
With a simple wave of her magic wand

She dreamed of high heels and short black dresses
Yet returned each day to ungodly messes
For she was queen of unsung songs
Queen of all that could go wrong

Once she dreamed of white gowns and throwing rice
Yet being alone so long she never learned to play nice
So she politely declined his offer of a ring
For what it’s worth she dreamed of being king