“When At Last Our Exile Here Is Ended”

I will see Your Face iridescent and splendid
And joy before now unfelt unheard
Stirs the ashes and dust of souls long interred

When at last the spell of time is broken
And seamless we are and never were nor will be
Rejoice – the perpetual Jubilee

When at last the voice of Cassandra is heeded
And Hera laughs last who cried most
“And the greatest of these is Love,” She wrote

“When at last our exile here is ended”
And the river flows to the ends of the earth
We will travel across – on wings transplendent


The Riddle

The answer to the riddle is
Close your eyes and dream
Regard the demon, do not blink
Never walk the balance beam

Choose your side and run with it
Look back once or twice
An unexamined life they say
Isn’t worth the asking price

The answer to the riddle is
Seek and you shall find
Blessed be the beggar
Blessed be the blind


I’d like to live on the edge
Of a river or lake or ocean
To watch the swells and the ripples course by
And ponder every bold new notion

The geese and seagulls are in the know
They float atop each rolling billow
Tranquil and poised upon the formless flow
Unimpressed by the infinite depths below

Their breeds must have witnessed a story told often –
Of fishermen fighting the wind and waves
Who saw a ghost walk upon the water –
And hence inherited the meaning of brave


Pilgrim, where do you reside?
By the sea or mountainside?
Where is your forever home?
Anyplace your feet do roam?
Have you paid a price too high?
For your castle beneath the sky?
The view will take your breath away –
Or so the realtor will say.
Flags and loyalty count as loss.
What you gather you will someday toss.
Stranger or resident alien,
You are neither patriot nor citizen.
Have you slipped beyond this temporal world?
Are you on the altar with our Lord?


What is your Charism?
I have only one
Kneeling once, kneeling twice, kneeling thrice
Until the day is done

Some do heal, some do teach
Some do cast the spirits out
Mine gathers tears and sighs
Then neatly dispels doubt

The Sisters venture without reception
With beads or buses they radiate passion
My own cannot compare to those
Who execute with pure abandon

I Prayed For Healing

I prayed for healing
Closed my eyes
And faced the rising East
A voice within, without, above
Promised no release

I prayed for safety
Free me from
The hate which loads the gun
Good luck with that, I heard quite clear
It’s better if you run

What lies I’ve read my whole life through
Too numerous to count
My little words like grains of sand
Offered up in tears
Fell silently, one by one, from such careless hands

Stop squawking, child, all the noise
You raise has no true merit
Please read between the lines
Suffering and boundless grace
Is all you will inherit


I would have gone to your funeral
If I had known
But I took my time
And when I finally searched for you
Through the endless cyber sea
I found your name
And a candle
And this space for my regards
Now tapered and dull

You see, I cannot remember any specific words
Just conversations about God
Imbued with unspoiled curiosity and fervent desire
A boundless faith in our grasp
But now you know
You know first
You know at last

Someone once thought we could be sisters
Our natures were so in tune
It was a time when friendships grow fast
Ignited by youth
Beauty and truth held sway
Then I married
And quietly slipped away

What was it like as the cancer spread?
As cancer will spread
And you began to realize
Defeat, surrender, exaltation?
It makes no sense to me now
Seems so unjust
Me, who believes in neutrality
Life is neither fair nor unfair
All I ever learned
I’m sure you’ve heard
Serenity is in acceptance
To those never diagnosed and shortchanged

Now we are fortysomething
And so shall you ever be
What I want to know is
What happens to regret
When time runs out?
What happens to time
When your soul is set free?
If you can, Margaret,
Answer me