The Way It Goes

The way it goes is this
A thousand pardons please
Grin and bear it till your heart
Bleeds upon your sleeve

There’s nothing more to sorry
Than humility can bear
Sit down at the table
Joy may catch you unaware



The road to Paradiso
Runs through a field of stubble
Strewn amid discarded millstones
Are lost pieces to every puzzle

The gates of Paradiso
Open with a single knock
Wade through on rising waters
You only have to walk the walk

The chasm deep inside you
Is your calling card
Reach down and stir the emptiness
Submission is its own reward

The table in Paradiso
Is prepared in all splendor
Drink from the cup of vinegar
And feel your spirit soar


You see the trap before it’s set
You’re certain we all reap what we sow
You see the masses for what they are
All I see is indigo

Blame the adult for his childhood
Turn a blind eye to all his woe
Come one come all don’t miss the show
Behind the screen breathes indigo

He washed her feet, kneeling down low
Holy lips kissed the leper’s sores
Drop the rock read the writing scratched in the dirt
Lines of indigo shoot out from the open heart