Saint Therese

Saint Therese opened a door
And stepped into a world
Where vanity is draped in black
And hours retreat unheard
Where humility is all the rage
And a soul too small to dodge
Aches to caress the Eucharist –
On forbidden ground she trods –
Braid her hair with edelweiss
A life marked twice by sacrifice


One Early Summer Eve

You alighted on my shoulder
One early summer eve
Butterfly of significance
Creature of motifs

Your court you held with open wings
Meeting my eye with ease
Butterfly of prerogative
Master of prestige

The moment lasted just long enough
Then you must be on your way
Butterfly of destiny
Ambassador of faraway

The lowly on the food chain
Journey a thousand miles
Butterfly of humility
Sister to the skies


I dreamed about you last night
I dreamed you were alive
You walked into the room –  you said
Here – the rules do not apply

When sorrow bruises an open wound
And longing cuts deep and wide
Permission is hereby granted
To step across the great divide

Just who am I to thank?
He Who giveth and taketh away?
You smile gently – Do not resist
A humble soul gives sway

Jacob wrestled – and prevailed –
Dreams sustain the cosmic core
I open my eyes as morning breaks
All is as was before


The road to Paradiso
Runs through a field of stubble
Strewn amid discarded millstones
Are lost pieces to every puzzle

The gates of Paradiso
Open with a single knock
Wade through on rising waters
You only have to walk the walk

The chasm deep inside you
Is your calling card
Reach down and stir the emptiness
Submission is its own reward

The table in Paradiso
Is prepared in all splendor
Drink from the cup of vinegar
And feel your spirit soar

Inherit The Earth

We sidle up to greatness
Fame is a nom de plume
While the legions of lowly and nameless
Travel onward in ashen costumes

The garb of dreary simplicity
Somber hues of dry wood and dry hearth
A vast column of squalid humanity
Marches forward to inherit the earth

Blink once and the masses have gathered
Twice and the planet will sway
What you thought was forsaken and scattered
Rises up and seizes the day


I’m not too young to misinterpret
Nor too old for stage direction
The world appears to me annoyed
At my slightest imperfection

The unfettered and the unsung
Conversate in whispers
They glide among the tallest trees
And drink from the big dipper

They keep no tally
But to note how early rise the sun
How many hours is the day
How many tales homespun

Who reaches down to touch the sky
Has no penchant to complain
Perfection is an afterthought
When dancing in the rain

Lighter Than Air

I remember the day you floated away
The grass stirred as a breeze sailed in
You lifted and hovered five feet above
Without a smile, surprise or hint of chagrin

A natural course of events you surmised
With no home or hearth or dollars or wife
Only a litany of prayers and good deeds
To show for your life

I wondered, amazed at this humble display
To empty oneself – finish lighter than air
Then drift with ease through the atmosphere
Without worry or loss or even fanfare