I Wrote A letter

I wrote a letter to my heart
I asked her for a sign
Were you the one I’m waiting for?
She wrote back – are you blind?
The stars aligned the day we met
Two sparrows circled round
Our ancestors cast their lots
And bid us wear the crown
Of joyfulness and sadness
That flows from consecrated love
Like blue upon a canvass



A spring of disappointment rises
From the ground you briefly occupied
I stand in absolute awe at
How fast you ran –
My heart a landslide

Standing mute and dazed
From dawn straight through to dusk
Picking up the same old pieces
What I wouldn’t give to one day find
A sturdy heart that I can trust

Love Is

They stood against the tide
The moon intensified
Onlookers clamored and cajoled
Arrogance amplified

Rejoice and prevail
All prophets are oppressed
The Cross illuminates from above
Love is love is love is love


This Rhyme

I wish my life were like this rhyme
Contrived and eloquent
My heart would soar to heights sublime
And never feel desolate

Timed and rehearsed, we’d parley in verse
I love you and you love me
I would have you back in my arms again
Before the cadence hit stanza three

A thought once uttered floats adrift
The gesture is what you confess
We measure actions, silent and swift
Words are hollow and meaningless


If I Take You Back Again

If I take you back again I’d be
A child
Who counts 1, 2, 3.

If I take you back again I’d feel
Having sealed the deal.

If I take you back again I’d spy
For clues
In every corner of your eyes.

I’d own your smile for awhile.
The most delicious kisses, forever potent,
Would cost me my last token.

Love is a long haul.
For you
An order too tall.

If I take you back again I’d be
The definition of insanity.


I Love You Are Three Words

I love you are three words that taste
Like bubble gum when said in haste
Compare me to a traveling show
Pedaling cures for all that ails
Masking the truth in a million details

Parade me out for all to see
Time the promises to a tee
I left my yardstick when you called
And fell too hard, too long, too deep
Assail me not if I sold myself cheap

Who can discern the heart’s recess
Just walk one mile, more or less
Slip on my sandals, warm and worn
Remember selflessness is never passé
Fling sweet sentiments along the way



For you, love defied all boundaries
All encapsulation
All definition
The mountain was worth the climb
The diamond worth the digging
The three little words
Let’s get them out of the way
Then we are free to pronounce them
In every breath
In every text
Such freedom of expression
Filled you with glee
As for me
Enrapture is a better word
Enveloped and contented
To run my fingers slowly around the glossy orb
That encircled me
Nestled in a brilliant warmth
That only required your presence


Then your baby mama disappeared
Leaving you with the heft of full-time fatherhood

Enough said
You know where this is going

Love does not defy definition
My self-imposed internment

Some are hijacked
By the whim of their unfettered sentiments

In so doing
You drew a boundary
Clearly, unequivocally