Betta Bride

Something tells me I am more
A stirring in my soul
A quiet recognition
And my heart begins to roll

You ask me for a lifetime
Is it mine to give?
The scorn and straps of ages past
Held me down in the abyss

I climb despite the veil and harness
And touch the midnight dome
Glass is but a handy mirror
Reflecting the rising dawn

You are kind and generous
I will be your betta bride
But, my love, keep your distance
Watch me swim against the tide


Scorn Me Not

Scorn me not for you will pay
I know a thousand spells
Hell hath no fury – so they say
With each hex my frenzy swells

Satisfaction is my coveted high
Chaos is my payback
Transport me on wings of jubilation
Beyond the anguish of rejection

My inner child rebels against
The use of vicious witchery
The vast depths of my vindictiveness
Reveals my soul’s peculiar poverty.

She Runs

How long will she run
Go – gushes through her veins
Not for fear or profit or circumstance
Save to establish her domain

She runs to purify the perfect
Of all its trivial acquisitions
To shame the pang of dissatisfaction
And banish expectation

How far will she run
Longevity is a gift
A gracious life nails the center in place
And never will she drift

She runs without a number
Without apology or plume
Speed – a liability
Sweat – the sweetest perfume


There is a ghost in this house and she knows my name
She spoons sugar into my tea when I look away
I think to her it’s all a game

She opens books to pages I’ve never read
Hides my cross stitch and knitting needles
Turns on the attic light after I go to bed

I find my sandals out on the porch
The garden gate flung open
A trail of poppies on my way to church

I’ve seen her fingerprints on all my mirrors
Her silhouette flicker among the evening shadows
Sometimes her brilliance shimmers

She walks through every doorway first, bidding me to follow
She understands my quiet soul
I tell her, maybe tomorrow