If I am honest to a T
And dot my i’s in ink
Can I exchange said truth for beauty
A flower for a candlestick
To commemorate the holy hour
I placed my heart upon my sleeve
And offered you my superpower –
A comrade to believe


The Hiding Place

I raced into the forest
And ducked behind some bramble
I spied through sweaty brow and prickly thorns
Approaching – that which made me tremble

I climbed into the manhole
And slid the cover tight
A minute passed – the sun poured in
Fleeing – I ran straight through till night

I slipped onto a crowded platform
Of idle subway passengers
You reached right in and pulled me out –
From among the awe-struck travelers

I learned that day – whether home in bed
Or before the firing squad
The safest place to hide is –
Within the will of God