A spring of disappointment rises
From the ground you briefly occupied
I stand in absolute awe at
How fast you ran –
My heart a landslide

Standing mute and dazed
From dawn straight through to dusk
Picking up the same old pieces
What I wouldn’t give to one day find
A sturdy heart that I can trust


Scorn Me Not

Scorn me not for you will pay
I know a thousand spells
Hell hath no fury – so they say
With each hex my frenzy swells

Satisfaction is my coveted high
Chaos is my payback
Transport me on wings of jubilation
Beyond the anguish of rejection

My inner child rebels against
The use of vicious witchery
The vast depths of my vindictiveness
Reveals my soul’s peculiar poverty.

Fool’s Gold

She is the sun, she is the moon
She is the pawn, Pandora
The stars reflect her radiance
She directs the rain and thunder

Redemption courses through her blood
The crow is her protector
The blackbird and the raven
Spiral round her golden scepter

Who would be her lover?
She cradles her tattered heart in the night
All, yet none, will call her mother
Her sorrow is her heart’s delight

Her true love did relinquish her –
A gesture to her eternal maidenhood
Though she is strong and tall and bold
There she remains – his fool’s gold

Two Worlds

I inhabit two worlds
One where you are centerfold
I slip back to my other orb
The center does not hold

Here I wait to be summoned
Back into your fold again
You reign supreme in your domain
I search my world for signs of you
Neither sprig nor trace remain

The chasm is deep between my worlds
I stand on the precipice once more
And close my eyes to what’s below
Here I am – years gone by
I don’t know why I can’t let go

My Bad

You trespass in my head
My bad, I let you in
A skip and a jump to my heart
The reason I never win

The littlest violin plays my tune
Pulls me in every time
I’d rather sink than swim a mile
Wanting you ain’t such a crime

You left a piece of you in me
Such a heartless game of guile
It wanders randomly between soul and marrow
Think I’ll wait here for awhile

This Rhyme

I wish my life were like this rhyme
Contrived and eloquent
My heart would soar to heights sublime
And never feel desolate

Timed and rehearsed, we’d parley in verse
I love you and you love me
I would have you back in my arms again
Before the cadence hit stanza three

A thought once uttered floats adrift
The gesture is what you confess
We measure actions, silent and swift
Words are hollow and meaningless